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English - Peru Tour - Inkas Land Peru 15 days

  Peru Tour

- Inkas Land   Peru - 15 days


1 day     transfer to  hotel, meating,  night city tour in Miraflores. Hostel Stop&Drop

2 day     breakfast, city tour Miraflores, Larco mar, Pacific ocean, Plaza de armas, president palace, China town. Bus to nacional park Paracas. Hostel Mar azul

3 day     breakfast,  go in boat to El Candelabro, island Las Ballestas /birds ocean, pinguinos, cormorans, delphins, flamengos…./, city Ica,  Tour in buggies to the bigger  dunes  of the world, sunboard. Back to Mar Azul Hostel

4 day     breakfast,  go to Nasca,  fly Nasca lines, city tour Nasca, Night bus to Arequipa /2325 mnms/.

5 day       / this day is for aclimatisar us to the height / , breakfast, visit the bigger market in Peru,  San Camilo market,  them  later we will visit the alpaca museum,  later testing wine and pisco,  and for  night  barbecue in garden. Hostel Inca Reisen

6 day     breakfast,  country side tou Arequipa, visit marked Altiplano, Avelino, el Palomar, hostel Inca Reisen

7 day     breakfast, visit look out Yanahuara, look out Sachaca, where we will watch Misti volcano /5825 m.s.n.m./ , Chachani mountain /6077 m.s.n.m/ and Pichu Pichu mountain.

Later we will  lunch a speciality Arequipeña food /included in tour/next  we prepared for trekk. Houstel Inca Reisen

/optional in the afternoomyou can go in rafting the cost $ 30 USD for person/

8 day     Go in Patapampa /4900 m.s.n.m/ and go up in Lysa Hora /5003 m.s.n.m. / later go in Cabanaconde where we start our trekk, finish trek in Sangalle town. /Colca canyon  the bigger canyon in the world/. Firt day  walk for 3 hour, we can see waterfull.

9 day     breakfast and go to look out Achachigua ,next to Cabanaconde, lunch and go to Chivay town /3700msnm/ and go to hot springs . later go will go to dinner where we will see tipical Colca folklore, music. Optional visit  tipical discotek .

10 day   Breakfast, small trekk and visit Chullpas towel, incas coliseum, sun clock, wi will get down for  small way Inca Trail. Later we will go in Puno  /TitiCaca lake/ where we will watch for all way difent kind of animals like  alpacas, llamas, birds….

Also stop in Lagunillas lake where we will watch flamengos and other birds.  Later sleep in Hotel Europa**/Puno/, for the night we will go in city tour. Optinal visit tipical discotek.

11 day   Breakfast,  and go  in tour for the Titicaca lake/ where we will visit  the Uros  islas, tipicall people  Aymara/  in the afternoom city tour  and  visit look out the Puma.

12 day   Breakfast and visit Pre incas  Sillustani towel later go to Cuzco where we will see for all way a wonderful landscape. Sleep in La casa de mi abuelo  in Cuzco. Later we will go   night city tour.

 13 day  Breakfast an visit diferent towns like Urubamba, Ollantaytambo, Santa Maria, Santa Teresa,  and Hidro there we walk  /moutain jungle/for 3 hours next to Macchu Picchu   and sleep  in Aguas Calientes.

14 day   Breakfast  and go to Macchupicchu inca city /optional go and back with buss  $ 15 USD/ optional          Waina Picchu. In the afternoom go back to Hidro in train, and night  back to Cuzco.

15 day   Breakfast, visit market and  go to airport Cuzco- Lima and Lima- Europe.


. day 6 free

. all breakfast
. hotel, hostel and bungalows

. guide
. trein, buss, minibus, cars, 4x4  )
. trein  Aquas Calientes  - Hidro

. barbecue 4 day – in Arequipa v Inca Reisen House

. 1x lunch in Arequipa – Inca Reisen House

. testing wine  and  pisco in  Arequipa
No included

. entrance  - nacional park  Colca Canyon /$ 15 USD/

. fly Nasca lines /$ 120 USD/

. rafting /$ 30 USD/

. entrance Machu Picchu / $ 46 USD/

. offers

. nealcoholic a alcoholic drinks

. flight  Cusco - Lima

Program can be changed deacuerdo to its preference


Price  $ 1780 USD



Amazon jungle – Puerto Maldonado

15 day               breakfast, 11.30 am flight  Cusco - Puerto Maldonado. Acomodation in lodge Anaconda, , then went to the pool,  afternoon city tour in   Puertu Maldonado.later in the night visit jungle discotek.

16 day                 Breakfast and go to port in Madre de Dios river with motorcanoa to  Wasi, laterwe will trekk for 2 hours in the jungle,there we will watch some bird like papagallos and other birds, butterflies, caimanes,tortles,nutrias,etc /if we are lucky we can see jaguars /later we have lunch in jungle/we prepare our own lunch,back to Puerto Maldonado piranha fish, in the afternoon or night back to  Anaconda lodge.

17 day               Breakfast,visit market,we returned at noom to Cuzco, and Lima-Europe.


. entrance  to nacional park

. bungalows and berakfast

. 14 day lunch  included


No included

.flight  Cusco – Puerto Maldonado and back


Price  Amazonas : $ 330 USD

Program can be changed deacuerdo to its preference



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